Thursday, March 17


I am Yours

Quietly waiting
Patiently seeking
It's dark and I can't see

I know he is there
I feel his presence
He's closing in on me

He's closer...closer
I can feel his warmth
I see the shadow

His arms!
They are surrounding me
They grasp me!

I feel the warmth
Panic sets in

I feel a heartbeat
What is going on?
I am calmed
I am comforted?
The panic is lifting.

I feel him sobbing
His tears run down the back of my neck.
He is whispering, but what is he saying?

I feel myself rising
I feel energy and sorrow
I hear the words

You are mine!
I have known you since the start of time.
You are my beloved.

There is light,
It is getting brighter.You are mine, and always have been.

My child, I love you.
I am yours.


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