Saturday, March 7

What makes a Cast Away Christian? Reason #3

The third thing that makes a Cast Away Christian is technology. I get in a lot of trouble when I say this too loud, because I work part time for a software company and my boyfriend is a programmer. Most people around me see technology as the greatest thing since sliced bread. While I do agree that technology is a wonderful tool, I am afraid that we are relying on it too much and turning it in to a crutch. When I was in high school, you could use a calculator on all math tests. I can't believe that a math class would allow you to use an instrument that basically allows you to learn nothing but how to input numbers. I understand that people have used tools to help them with math for many years, but I knew kids who couldn't do simple addition because the "didn't have to".

My other issue is that as computers became more and more prevalent in our society, the need for person to person communication became less important. We are so efficient now that instead of calling someone to tell them something, we email them. Instead of going to visit our friends in far off places, we talk to them on Facebook. Instead of going out to lunch with someone, we text message them with what we are doing. I think technology is a great thing and that we have had advances in medicine and science that have helped our society become a productive and rich nation, but there are always two sides to the coin. With every positive advancement, comes something negative. And that negative for me is the loss of community. I think this is the number one thing that the church has to offer this age group. Whether we know it or not, community is the one thing that has allowed humanity to survive.

I think my generation is slowly starting to understand that we need community and I think the best place to get community of all ages, with all types of interests is in a parish. The man that we claim to be the only son of God, understood the importance of community. He was a man of his hands. He was with the people all the time, and even the people who were doing things that most people considered wrong. If we are called to be more like Jesus and to follow him, then shouldn't we be following his example?

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  1. This is true. I sometimes really wish I could see my diocesan friends more than 2 or 3 times a year. Coupling the fact that the LA diocese is rather a big diocese, sometimes Facebooking or texting is the best way to go in terms of keeping in touch.

    Meanwhile, I also wish that I am part of the 90% who lived within 10 miles of my church. As it stands, I am 15 miles away and it's relatively inconvenient for me to attend some weeknight church events because of it. After all, I don't drive at night (especially on freeways) if I could help it. If I do have to go to church at all at night, I would just take service streets and who knows if I would hit a detour or two along the way.

    Then again, there's my relationship between me and you, where commenting is actually the best way for communication.

    On another note... I know I say this many times, but you are one of my examples in following Jesus' example.

    I do have to say one thing... one of the things we have to do is also to make outsiders of our churches feel welcome and accept them with open arms. Not only we should do that when they come to us on Sundays, but also through what we do on the weekdays. Who knows... there's always people who are on the streets waiting to be saved by God.