Saturday, March 7

Who is Lauren Woody? Part three, The Now Years

So where does this put me now? I am a 30-something woman who is trying to find a way to bridge the gap between the early years, the college years, and the now years. I find it difficult sometimes to find that bridge. I am also a person who is just starting to settle down. I have finally found a way to weave my spirituality into my vocation. I have been through almost 5 different professions in the last 12 years, and I have finally found one that is fulfilling. I am in a long term relationship that is headed towards marriage. We are trying to figure out what all that means and when is the right time to "take the leap"? I am learning to accept that my parents are starting to get old and have health problems. My ten year high school reunion has come and gone. The first car I ever bought is starting to break down. I am hoping to buy a house soon. I don't go out to bars much anymore. My favorite activity on a Friday night is to have friends over for dinner and play board games. All this signals a life that is starting to slow down. I am reaching the age that no longer needs someone to fight for them, but can actually do the fighting for themselves. I am ready to fight and I choose to fight for a generation that hasn't fought for itself.

I work for a Diocese full of wonderful and supportive adults who are trying to help me figure it out. I have one Bishop who is our biggest advocate, who tells everyone he meets what a vital part of the church young adults are. He supports the work that we are doing and wants to be a part of it as much as he can be. Our Assistant Bishop is just as great. He has a love for young adults ministry and acts as my close mentor and friend for most of the trials I come across. He has even created a friendship with my boyfriend, who considers himself a heathen. I am very lucky to be trying to answer these questions in such a loving environment. I am so blessed and would like to use those blessings to help gain information for young adults in Dioceses that are not so lucky. I want to use this blog as a resource for people who are like me and want to try and figure things out.

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