Friday, March 25

Does Love Win?

I have discovered that I am addicted to The Huffington Post religious section. I have the widget on my andriod phone and it is the only site that I look at once a day. I know that sounds strange since everyone I know is addicted to the computer, but I really don't like to be on the computer. I only get on when I need to work or research movies!!! :)

There have been a bunch of blog posts and articles in that section on the new Rob Bell book Love Wins. Apparently Bell is being called a universalist which is the evangelical equivalent to being a heretic. I have posted a number of things on Facebook asking for opinions and it seems like I am not alone in thinking this is another way that Christians are being run through the mud. Does universalism equal heresy?

The argument in the book (that I have not read by the way) is what is hell and who goes there? I happen to have a very strong opinion on this subject. I honestly believe that Earth is Hell. I haven't spent a lot of time thinking about this, but from what I know, Hell is the complete absence of God. While I agree that Earth does have many elements of God, I have never actually talked to or seen God. I have speculated as to things that I believe are God and of God's making, but I have never seen empirical proof of God's existence. I can't imagine a worse place to be sometimes. We are not nice to each other, we murder, rape, lie to, judge, and condemn each other all day, every day. We treat each other with such disrespect and it is so disheartening. People who agree with Bell seem to be the new targets.

I need to say that I must be this heretic that these Christians are screaming about. I guess I am a universalist. I have an atheist husband, an atheist brother, and may friends of all faiths. I can not trust in a God that will punish these people I love and deny me the joy and spending eternity with them. Most atheists I know are atheists because of religious abuse. They have been let down by those of us who claim to be spreading the "good news." Christianity dos not equal good and Atheist does not equal amoral. My brother is one of the best "Christians" I know, he just can't get past the abuse that was thrust upon him by society's Christianity.

People are up in arms about Bell's idea of a place where God's love reigns. I thought that is what Heaven was. I sure hope that is what heaven is, because I am not sure I can stand an eternity of life in this judgmental place.

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