Thursday, March 24

Reflection for Episcorific

I probably shouldn't be posting this early, but I just wrote this for Episcorific and I liked it. It is a lot like my previous post.

In the Shadow of a Perfect Example

Romans 8:1-11

I was born on my mother’s birthday which happens to be April 6th. If I were a follower of astrology, I would say this means we should be very similar. My mother is a very devout, sweet, perfect woman who I am nothing like on paper. She is a great example of a “good Christian,” although she understands the silliness of that statement. You have to dig a bit deeper to see those qualities in me.

I am not a model of the traditional southern female gender role. I have opinions, a loud mouth, an adult sense of humor, and a vocabulary that could rival any sailor. I am an extrovert who loves to be the center of attention and most people think that I like the sound of my own voice. These are all things that some people think make me unfit to take an active role in church leadership. I, however, think these are the gifts God has given me for ministry. These are the things that make me approachable and an “everyman.”

My priest once told me that I am just one example of God’s vast imagination. Romans tells me that “I am alive because God has accepted me.” God doesn’t make mistakes and I am included in that. I can say it, but this season is for learning to believe it. We are all examples of God’s imagination and we owe it to each other to start celebrating our uniqueness. None of us are model Christians and I am never going to be like my mother. That is what makes us so beautiful and is why Jesus allowed himself to die for us all. He laid out his arms on the cross to die for our uniqueness and we should be celebrating that gift.

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